The Menu (Services & Prices)

The Five Course Extravaganza – Complete Overhaul • $195
The name says it all! No stone is left unturned and your bike will be rebuilt from the ground up!

The Tasty Brunch – Full Tune Up • $60
Check hubs/tighten cones, true wheels, clean rims/deglaze braking surfaces, brake inspection and adjustments, derailleur and shifter adjustments, inspect and tighten BB crank and headset, check chain and drivetrain for wear, safety check all hardware, and pedals for tightness, inflate tires to proper pressure and inspect for wear, wipe down whole bike, inspect and lube cables and housing, remove curses, TEST RIDE!

Side of Poutine – Drivetrain Scrub • $35
Crusty, rusty chain? Dirty derailleurs? No problem! Your bike will thank you for purchasing the full drivetrain clean!

Tall cold pint – Flat Tire Fix • $18
Tube installation (tube included) and a tire/rim inspection to help make sure this doesn’t happen again for the same reason.

Devils Forest Gateaux – Hydraulic Brake Bleed • $40 Per Brake
Hydraulic brakes work great, but every once in a while the fluid needs to be flushed out and replaced.  If your hydraulic brakes are feeling squishy, it may be time for a brake bleed. Price includes cost of dot fluid or mineral oil.

Take Out – Bike Boxing • $40
Disassembling bike, padding it up, and packing it into a box (box included)


Side Orders – Tune Up Extra Installation:                                                                     

$5  – Cables/Housing – Chain

– Cassette/Freewheel

– Tube/Tire – Brake Pads

– Basic Accessory Instillation

– Derailleurs

$10  – Bottom Brackets

– Crank

– Handlebar Taping

– Pannier Rack Instillation

$15    – Headset

– Fenders

Doggie Bag – Storage Fee
Any Bike left more than a week after work is completed will be subject to a $2 per day storage fee.

Any bike left at the shop for more than 90 days becomes shop property.