Alex “Alley Cat” Tremblay

My name is Alexandre Dardanne-Tremblay. I was the owner and operator of Alleycat’s bike shop and am a partner in The Bikewrights, a sustainable transportation design and build company. A chef by trade, I spent over a decade learning and working in the hospitality industry. I truly enjoy good food and the creative process of bringing the best out of fresh local ingredients.

My life long hobby turned to employment about eight years ago as I began rebuilding used bicycles and offering tune-ups and service. This has grown to include mobile repair service for rental fleets and community recreation centre programs in Halifax. I offer bicycle repair instruction and road safety classes as well as personally service hundreds of bicycles a year. The Bikewrights projects include a community bike trailer share program, custom trailers for sustainably minded small businesses, a dutch style cargo bike and a velomobile. I truly enjoy seeing the bikes that I’ve built riding around town. It gives me great pleasure to enrich Halifax’s cycling culture in any way I can.